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  • New hose for breathing air

Colorno, Spetember 07th, 2023. Safety is paramount in the Oil & Gas industry and adhering to high safety standards is of critical importance because workers on oil rigs are often exposed to a number of risks. For example, when operating in confined spaces, such as tanks or pipelines, or close to the extraction area, workers are at risk of exposure to hazardous gases and fumes.
During hydrocarbon exploration and production, highly toxic and flammable gases can be released into the air resulting in intoxications, explosions and fires. To eliminate the risk of intoxication there are several air cascade systems strategically placed throughout the oil site, allowing operators to connect their respirators to them and safely breathe pure air. In addition, it is essential that every component of the cascade system must not cause any kind of ignition or spark by dissipating any static build up.
At Transfer Oil, we take safety seriously, and for these hazardous conditions we have developed a special thermoplastic hose for air cascade systems: the 138 Air Cylinder Filling Antistatic which is specifically designed to ensure safety and performance on oil rigs.
Supply air breathing hose for the cascade systems are often stored alongside other hydraulic, electrical, instrumentation cables, and pneumatic hoses in the cable tray. To prevent potential fire hazards, our 138 Antistatic Air Breathing Hose features a special construction that eliminates static charges, and therefore the risk of sparks during friction with other hoses or objects.
Transfer Oil new 138 hose family for Air Cylinder Filling comes in two sizes: 1/4” and 1/2”, with working pressures of 420 and 210 bar (6.000 and 3.000 psi) and with a 4:1 safety factor. The secret lies in their hybrid reinforcement, a combination of steel wire and synthetic yarn braided on different layers. This not only increases the hoses' resistance to crush and kink but also ensures effective static charge dissipation.
Considering the critical media carried inside the hose - breathable compressed air - we've meticulously engineered the inner tube using flavor-free polymer to eliminate any contamination risks. Additionally, the pinpricked cover is made from a special Polyurethane blend, guaranteeing high resistance to abrasion and saline or aggressive atmosphere, resulting in extended hose's lifecycle. Our Air Cylinder Filling Hoses have been engineered with great attention and cutting-edge technology to provide safety, reliability and performance needed in challenging on & off-shore oil site conditions.
Discover all the technical specifications of the new 138 thermoplastic hose for air cylinder filling on our website