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The key service for our customers

Customer service is one of the key components in our logistics and packaging division.


The vast number of thermoplastic hoses, the large active customer base spread over five continents, as well as an enormous quantity of raw materials and accessories, handled, checked, stored, transformed and shipped every day, make logistics a strategic activity for Transfer Oil.

In-house logistics involves the ability to receive, check and store a considerable amount of raw materials - different kinds of polymers, fibers and steel wires that will be transformed into top quality finished or semi-finished products. Performing all these activities, while at the same time maintaining traceability of the storage, quantity and characteristics of each component, requires great organization, accurate methodology and precise procedures. At any moment in time, Transfer Oil is capable of determining the availability of a product or the progress of a component in the production process.

Transfer Oil applies the same attention to outside logistics, as this allows optimization of transport activities, an aspect that is appreciated by our customers.

Gomax hoses can be customized and packaged according to customers’ requirements. Fittings, ferrules, accessories and hose assemblies are packaged in boxes and tagged with unmistakable identification number.





GOMAX QUADRA loose hoses are provided in coils of 10 or 50 meter length. Each coil is labeled with a unique ID tag with all the information about the hose allowing the complete traceability all the way back to the raw materials  including all production records.



GOMAX QUADRA ferrules and fittings are packed in 10 pieces blisters or 50 pieces box. Each one is unique labelled to fulfil our traceability principles.


Hose assembly

GOMAX hoses (QUADRA, INFINITY and ZERO) are available as factory made hose assemblies. INFINITY and ZERO are single packed in a wide variety of fittings (brazing or rotalock fittings).
QUADRA hoses can be supplied in pre-assembled point to point capillary circuits especially designed for air conditioning and refrigeration units of each type and size.
Assembled hoses are supplied in 50 pcs unit pack. 




Production of multi - connection circuits based on customer's design. Thanks to the experience gained in over twenty years of activity in hose assemblies, we are able to satisfy the requests of our customers for complex connections, generally installed in confined spaces or difficult to achieve with the welding of copper pipes. A service widely used and well-liked by our customers.

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