The market leading brand of thermoplastic hose and fittings designed specifically for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration systems.

The GOMAX® products have been expressly designed to substitute the rigid copper tubing when connecting pressure switches, manometers, oil return and oil equalization lines. The use of flexible hoses, not only simplify dramatically the installation operation, but also eliminates the problems caused by the effect of vibrations that is associated with copper tubing, reducing sound levels and vibration transmission significantly and at the same time eliminating the risk of rupture and leak of refrigerant.

The Quadra system – comprising of thermoplastic flexible capillary hose, fittings in brass and steel and dedicated tooling – gives quick production, in a few simple steps, with superior quality connections to the pressure test points, gauges, the pressure switches including the oil return circuits and oil level equalization, for air conditioning and refrigeration units of each type and size.
Quadra DN2
Flexible thermoplastic capillary hose with 2mm internal diameter
Quadra DN4
Flexible thermoplastic capillary hose with 4mm internal diameter
Quadra DN6
Flexible thermoplastic capillary hose with 6mm internal diameter
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