Code of Ethics and Whistleblowing

Transfer Oil Code of Ethics


Transfer Oil supports its commitment to mutual trust towards its employees, customers, and institutions through the adoption of an Organization Model established by Legislative Decree No. 231/2001 and its Company Code of Ethics. It is a critical document that outlines the fundamental values and principles of Transfer Oil. It serves as a guide for employees, management, and other stakeholders to make ethical decisions and conduct business in a socially responsible manner.

The Code of Ethics defines the company's standards in terms of expectations for behavior, including honesty, integrity, fairness, respect for others, and compliance with laws and regulations. In addition, it emphasizes the company's commitment to sustainability, safety, and the well-being of its employees and local community.

By adhering to its Code of Ethics, Transfer Oil realizes its commitment to ethical business practices and strengthens trust with its customers and stakeholders.

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At Transfer Oil we believe that integrity and transparency are core values. That is why we have implemented the whistleblowing service that will enable all our partners to contribute to and reinforce these values.

Whistleblowing is a service that offers to employees, business partners, suppliers and third parties the opportunity to report illegal, ethically questionable behavior or violations of company policies.

The service is conceived to ensure maximum ease of use and privacy. Users can access the service through the dedicated portal and make reports in full anonymity following the appropriate procedure.

User identity protection is critical to ensure that users can report misconduct freely, without any fear of negative consequences.

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