Quality Assurance inspects the hose assembly before it is proof tested at the assembly validation test rig. Pressure and seal testing of HELIX® hoses is performed at 100%. At the end of testing, Quality Assurance issues the certificate of conformity which is attached to each hose assembly.
To perform proof pressure testing on all the HELIX® hose assemblies, Transfer Oil has installed a 6000 bar (87000 psi) proof pressure test stand. This machine is able to pressurize assembled hoses with a programmable pressure curve.

In this section you can search for a specific EN 10204 - 3.1 certificate by simply filling in the part number, batch number and serial number of your hose assembly. All data are engraved on the ferrule.


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ISO 9001:2015

One of the first companies in our industry to achieve certification of this Quality Management System in accordance with the internationally recognized standard ISO 9001.

ISO 14001:2015

Environmental Management System in accordance with environmental standard ISO 14001. A very significant and voluntary step that Transfer Oil decided to undertake. This commitment, respect and protection of the environment is a guarantee of added value to services and products that Transfer Oil SpA proudly offers and exports all over the world.

ISO 45001:2018

Occupational Health and Safety Management System in accordance with the ISO Standard 45001. International practices to organically and systematically manage all issues concerning safety and health in the workplace to ensure compliance with current legislation.




DNV type approval for flexible hoses for CO2 systems

Specific type approval for CO2 Fire Extinguishing hose systems. Obtained in 2014.


Mine Safety and Health Administration. Obtained in 2014. Synonymous with high quality and safety standards, due to the demanding level of flame-resistant characteristics required.


Certified assembler for CNG gas applications. Obtained in 2016. The products are eligible to bear the CSA Mark shown with adjacent indicators "C" and "US" for Canada and the US (indicating that products have been manufactured to the requirements of both Canadian and US Standards).


American Bureau of Shipping type approval for use in Marine and Offshore Applications. Obtained in 2016.


Approval for use in Marine and Offshore Applications. Obtained in 2016. Products approved by this certificate are accepted for installation on all vessels by DNV GL.

E7 67R01

The hose meets applicable requirements of Regulation UN/ECE No. 67/01. Certification number E7 67R01 00951.25.

E7 110R04 1888

Hose meets applicable requirements of regulation ECE no. 110/04. Certification number E7 110R04 1888.




IMS Policy

Transfer Oil Policy, Quality, Environment and Safety Document.