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  • Meet GOMAX®: Fabio and Mohamed

Colorno, Italy – June 21st, 2023. – And here we arrive to the final episode of our employee video series where we introduce two young talents: Fabio and Mohamed. Their genuine enthusiasm and unwavering dedication highlight the importance of nurturing and empowering young professionals within our organization.

Fabio shares his inspiring journey, starting from the shop floor and making his way to the Research and Development department. His growth path shows the boundless opportunities that await people working with GOMAX® brand.

Mohamed tells us the first feelings he had when he started working in the production department a few years ago. His words transmit the excitement that comes with joining GOMAX® dynamic team.

At Transfer Oil, where we manufacture GOMAX® hoses, we are proud to show two experiences that underline how important it is to focus on people, their professional growth and well-being. By nurturing their talents, offering continuous learning opportunities, and creating a supportive atmosphere, we foster an environment where individuals can thrive and achieve their aspirations.
Let’s discover the dedication of our people that make GOMAX® a great brand and to be constantly updated follow us on LinkedIn.