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  • The first clip about CP NEO is on air

Colorno, November 22, 2022 – We are happy to present the first clip that highlights the advantages of the new CP NEO hose series, completely designed and manufactured in the Italian headquarters of Transfer Oil.
In just over 2 minutes, together with our sales and technical managers, we will understand why the new CP NEO thermoplastic hose is not afraid of being continuously stressed over the sheaves of forklift masts.
In fact, to push the hose to the limit, we have impulse tested it for over 500.000 cycles, while the standard test is fixed at 200.000 cycles. After exceeding 500.000 cycles, the hose was still in perfect conditions and able to keep on working regularly.
In addition to these extensive tests, flexibility and compact size are the most appreciated features of CP NEO because they allow to save time and effort during hose installation but also allow the widest compatibility with most common OEMs standard sheaves and clamps.
After a rigorous phase of research on design and materials, we worked side by side with important OEMs to test the CP NEO on the field, achieving excellent results, especially on resistance to abrasion, and now this premium hose line is finally ready for the market.
The CP NEO is available in many versions and sizes with 2 ranges of pressures: 210 and 250 bar (3000 – 3600 psi).
Discover the full story in the video below.