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  • Our Headquarters: concept

COLORNO, Italy - February 03, 2023 - Introducing our headquarters located close to Parma (Italy). This state-of-the-art facility reflects our commitment to innovation and represents a significant investment in our future. With a spacious and modern design, our headquarters provides a collaborative and inspiring work environment for our employees. The building features cutting-edge technology, a range of amenities, and a commitment to sustainability. We are excited to continue our journey towards success and growth in this amazing new space.

The innovative approach at the heart of our headquarters breaks down hierarchies and promotes collaboration and idea-sharing among all employees. This approach is inspired by the best practices of top US companies and blends different models to create a unique and effective work environment.
a brand of Transfer Oil S.p.A.

Via Sacca, 64 - 43052
Colorno, Italy
T +39 0521 3139

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