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  • Meet GOMAX®: Moris and Luca

Colorno, Italy – June 15, 2023. – in our second video about GOMAX® people, we introduce you to Moris and Luca, two experienced professionals dedicated to the production of GOMAX® capillary hoses. Their stories shed light on the positivity and engagement that thrive within our company.

Through their stories, you will experience the serene and authentic mood that permeates our production department – the place where GOMAX® hoses come to life.

Luca, sharing his professional journey, emphasizes the great value of human relationships and the importance of team spirit to achieve outstanding results. Meanwhile, Moris, a dedicated member of the Transfer Oil team for an impressive 28 years, highlights the importance of prioritizing customer needs and consistently striving for self-improvement. Their contribution clearly shows our commitment to GOMAX® growth.

Join us as we showcase the dedication of our people that push Transfer Oil and its brand GOMAX® forward and to be constantly updated follow GOMAX® on LinkedIn 

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