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  • GOMAX® QUADRA highlights: third video

Colorno, November 17, 2022 - Continuing the video series about GOMAX® hose products, we come to the last clip where we find out other important advantages of this premium hose line.
We will have a closer look to hose assemblies and kits of components discovering how they allow OEMs to optimize their stocks and production processes.
Secondly, a special focus is dedicated to another important feature of GOMAX® product line: traceability.
Every component comes with a traceability number that allows to trace back its complete history during every production phase, starting from the raw materials to the finished product.
At the same time, every hose assembly features a special label with the part number, the description, the customer part number and the batch number ensuring the same traceability also for the hose assemblies.
Discover how these features make our customers’ life easier in the short clip below.

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