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Colorno, November 7, 2022 – After the participation to Chillventa, a fair which, once again, left us a very positive result in terms of contacts and visibility to most important refrigeration industry OEMs, we come back to GOMAX® QUADRA video series.

In this second clip we will see more in depth the numerous advantages that a thermoplastic capillary hose can offer compared to a traditional rigid copper tubing.

In addition to quick and safe assembling (no need for brazing or welding copper tubes), GOMAX® flexible hoses, will not be subjected to any cracking, because they absorb vibrations generated by the compressor, ensuring long life and at the same time extremely low noise levels.

In addition, another important added value is permeability: all GOMAX® hoses (DN2, DN4 and DN6) are listed in Class 1 permeability, widely exceeding the standard EN 1736.

Discover these and other benefits in the clip below and don’t forget to follow GOMAX® page on LinkedIn with latest news.
Here we are with the second clip dedicated to GOMAX® QUADRA. Let’s explore its unique features and advantages.

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