DN2 – Assembling Instructions

Assembling instructions for crimping fittings for QUADRA DN2 capillary hose


step 1

Cut the QUADRA capillary hose to the required lenght using the special WXA004 cutter

step 2

Slip the nut over the hose (depending on ftting type). Ensure that the threaded side is pointing towards the end of the hose that needs assembling.

step 3

When pushing the ferrule over the hose end, ensure its correct positioning, in line with the hose end. Push the insert into the hose end you want to assemble.

step 4

Pay attention not to move the components already fItted and slide the ferrule over the hose towards the insert positioning it in line with the insert.

step 5

Crimp the ferrule with our hand pliers type RXA007, up to the limit stop of the pliers: once the optimal deformation has been achieved the pliers will open automatically.

step 6

The assembling is fnished and the eventual nut can easily slide over the ferrule: check the correct positioning of thecomponents and make sure the entire surface of theferrule has been swaged.
Once the hose assembly is connected to the machine, do not move or rotate it, otherwise you risk loosening the nut or damaging the fitting by compromising its tightness. In case you have to modify the orientation of the coupling, unscrew the nut, position the hose assembly, then tighten the nut again respecting the torque value of 16 ÷ 18 N·m max 20 N·m.