New brass nut delivery started

COLORNO, Italy – February  5th, 2015 – After the announcement made at the Chillventa exhibition about the all new swivel brass nut for QUADRA 1/4″ fittings and hose system, we are now proud to confirm that we started the deliveries of this new item both in boxed kits and factory made assemblies. The new swivel nut is fully machined from solid brass and its hexagon is inscribed in the circumference ensuring superior mechanical strength in the same compact envelope. The end result is an extremely solid, corrosion-resistant component.

Developed around a specific brass alloy with an higher content of copper that makes it more resistant to mechanical stress, the new swivel nut is perfectly suitable for typical air conditioning and refrigeration unit applications. At the same time the special brass alloy makes it suitable also for more demanding applications, as for example – but not limited to – desert and off shore installations, where harsh environment conditions would wear and corrode steel parts rapidly.

The new brass nut also features the unique traceability number marked on each component. This number is linked to the batch number printed on the label on the box. So, for example, if you installed on your unit a GOMAX hose, but you forgot to keep track of the batch number indicated on the box of the fitting used, thanks to the GOMAX FULL TRACEABILITY SYSTEM, just reporting the number marked on the all new brass nut (or any other component), we will be able to fully rebuild the history of that item.

The new brass nut is available across the whole range of 1/4″ SAE fittings and at the same time maintaining the integrity and interchangeability with our existing hose and componentry. The new swivel nut for 1/4″ SAE fittings is be perfectly recognizable by its different shape, pure brass colour, the GOMAX brand and the batch number engraved on its surface: this makes it easy to distinguish it from our original carbon steel swivel nut.
The optimal sealing is obtained tightening the new brass nut by the recommended torque value between 16 and 18 N·m, having care to not exceeding 20 N·m.

Introduction of the all new QUADRA brass nut for 1/4″ connections is made on a “rolling change” basis. As stocks of the original products are depleted the new construction swivel nut will be rolled in automatically. Current demand would indicate that this process will be effective from February 2015, at least for the fastest moving fittings that are using this swivel nut (straight and elbow females). Of course, the switchover cannot be instant for every fitting type as is dependent on stock levels and demand of each different item: we expect for example that for some fittings such as some very special crosses or tee’s, this may take a little longer.

In order to maintain traceability and increase recognisability of the new versions, different batch number allow us to identify boxes with the new brass nut, and these boxes are also instantly recognisable by a label that indicate that the box include the new swivel nut and also indicate the new recommended tightening torque.

This significant improvement will allow an even better user experience and greater durability, and we trust this will allow our partners even greater success.

Should you require further information or assistance please do not hesitate to contact. the Transfer Oil sales team

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