Transfer Oil is exhibiting the GOMAX range of products at Nuremberg Chillventa 2008 exhibition

COLORNO, Italy – September 29th, 2008 – During the last exhibition held in Costa Nurnberg in events 2006 we announced a very ambitious project, characterized by a massive launch of 2014 new products and a vast investment plan to empower our manufacturing and testing capability, our service flexibility and our distribution network. It is always nice to hear about ambitious growth plans, but we think it is even better to hear, some time later, that those were not only words.

We are glad to confirm that these were not just concepts: after an especially positive 2007, where we reached more than 13% in our sales, and where we increased our production capacity, Transfer Oil was ready to approach 2008 again with great determination. After the first half of the year we are proud to announce further continuing growth, not just in sales but also in product development and service handling.

Despite these continuous positive trends and results, we did not forget how demanding today’s industry is, and how frequently we are asked to match new and higher standards every day. As such during 2007 we decided that in our increased GOMAX product range there was still room for new products designed for even more demanding and specific applications.

Our Production and Keeping R&D team, together with many of our partner’s technical teams, did an extraordinary job during these months, that cheap jerseys now make us very wholesale nfl jerseys proud to announce that Transfer Oil has again A chosen Nurnberg, and its international exhibition Chillventa 2008, to introduce the new and improved GOMAX product range.

The range has again grown significantly, in particular the QUADRA segment: 10 different kinds of fittings were presented in 2006 in the last catalogue from the 2 different types of capillary hoses QUADRA DN2 and DN4. We now present in the newly printed and restyled catalogue 3 types of capillary hoses QUADRA DN2, DN4 and DN6 for an overall total of 27 types of fittings.

In the new printed catalogue, which will be distributed during the entire duration of the exhibition, you will find:

· The recently announced QUADRA DN6 capillary hose suitable with both static Japończycy applications (such as gauges and manometers where we have to grant a minimum through hole of 4 mm. for connections to – DIN 8975 – EN738) and with dynamic applications (oil return lines and oil equalization lines).

· All QUADRA capillary hoses (DN2, DN4 and DN6 included), now can be used with CO2 up to 120 bar / 1740 psi from -45°C up to 130°C / from -49°F up to 266°F, enabling as such installations onto cheap jerseys machines operating in transcritical system.

· The range of QUADRA fittings is almost tripled and now also multiple connection lines are easy to build up. We have added cross fittings, cross fittings with female 1/ 4 SAE and male 1/ 4 SAE fitting for QUADRA DN2.

· Further to some of our customers’ demand we have produced brazing fittings for all QUADRA capillary hoses. These fittings enable the traditional brazing connection, without threads also for QUADRA thermoplastic capillary hoses.

· The diffusion of QUADRA capillary hoses is changing OEM production needs; for this reason the range of QUADRA accessories is enriched with the new bench crimping machine QUADRA-CRIMP. The crimping machine QUADRA-CRIMP works through a pressure multiplier air/oil, that is it works with compressed air, without electrical feeding. This new instrument allows the assembling of QUADRA capillary hoses without any effort even on large scale and with the same precision of other crimping systems Team produced by Transfer Oil. QUADRA-CRIMP is supplied with all sets of dies for DN2, DN4 wholesale nfl jerseys and DN6.

· An important complement of QUADRA range is COR-SAFE: a convoluted hose protector for hoses and electrical cables, characterized by high flexibility, resistance against abrasion, oils, chemical agents and extreme severe atmospheric conditions.

This is just a small preview of what we will introduce, that you will be able to see for yourself when accepting our invitation to visit us during Chillventa 2008 in Nurnberg. Transfer Oil will cheap jerseys exhibit the GOMAX range of products for the entire duration of the show in our all new highly attractive stand, faced on the main walkway in Hall 5, booth 230.

We sincerely hope to see you during this important event, where our entire sales team – Ugo Ferrari, Pascal Walrave, Roberta Danielli, Davide Ciati, Ivan Mussatto and Francesco cheap nba jerseys Poldi – will be available and glad to explain about the opportunities offered by these new products.

If you would like, a personal meeting with one of our managers can be booked in advance. This will allow you to organize your visits and agenda, while being more time-efficient and avoiding possible re-visits. Please return the attached document if you want to pre-organize your visit at our booth. Attached you will find also your personal invitation / free entrance ticket to the Chillventa exhibition.

We look forward to meeting you in Nurnberg!


Our sales team is available to provide any further information you may require. Contact us at our e-mail address

GOMAX® is a brand of Transfer Oil S.p.A.. The company, founded in 1979, is today one of the major independent thermoplastic hose manufacturer for medium, high and very high pressures. Through a network made of the most relevant distributors of each industry, Transfer Oil hose products are distributed in 65 different countries. With a total capacity of more than 13 million meters (42 million feet) per year, Transfer Oil are active in several industries such as general hydraulic systems for fork-lifts, aerial platforms, cranes, mobile devices, rescue tooling, or industrial application such as high pressure sewer jetting, hydrogen & CNG refilling systems, gas and water supply, paint spray markets, air conditioning and refrigeration but also niche markets such as air breathing, high temperature applications and aggressive fluids are being serviced with Transfer Oil hoses. Today range count three major segments: TO HYDRAULIC (thermoplastic hoses for hydraulic applications), TO INDUSTRIAL (thermoplastic hoses for industrial applications) and GOMAX (thermoplastic hoses and fittings for air conditioning and refrigeration). For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our sales office: GOMAX® a brand of Transfer Oil S.p.A. Via Sacca, 64 43052 - Colorno Parma Italy tel. +39 0521 3139 or 011 39 0521 3139 (for USA and Canada) fax +39 0521 814160 or 011 39 0521 814160 (for USA and Canada)